5 Lesser Known Thrilling Sports in Trinidad & Tobago


If there is one thing that sets Trinidad & Tobago apart from the rest of the world is its culture derived from multiple ethnicities. For a tiny island, we are unique in that we’re the essence of cosmopolitan. We have a wide range of people, cuisine, festivals, dress, music and of course sports.


While our talented sportsmen have done us proud in different arenas – cricket, football, swimming, athletics and yes, the javelin, there are other lesser known sports that this tiny island has to offer that what we’re accustomed to hearing. When people say Trinidad and Tobago is multi-talented, they mean it! There is a vast range of sports, though lesser known, but are still available to us to participate. Because they say as Trinis, “we like salt – we in everything”!

1. Kendo


Most people are quite acquainted with martial arts in Trinidad and Tobago. We all know someone who takes karate, taekwondo, kickboxing or other similar disciplines. One that you might not be too familiar with – is Kendo. Kendo is the martial art of Japanese fencing, evolved from Samurai techniques. Students train using protective armour and bamboo swords. If you’re thinking about rising above your physical and mental limit, why not contact the Kendo Federation of Trinidad and Tobago and get started?

2. Archery


Archery is a popular sport internationally popularised in fiction and movies like Robin Hood and the Hunger Games. In Trinidad, archery is becoming a nationally recognised and renowned sport. If you’re interested in learning because it may help your focus or because it looks cool, there are multiple clubs to choose from. The Trinidad and Tobago Target Archery Federations governs all local activities including National Indoor and Caribbean Championships as well as Olympic Qualifier games.

3. Mountain Biking


Cycling is Trinidad and Tobago is common and we’ve all seen or been stuck behind a club of road cyclists at some point. In Trinidad & Tobago, there’s room for mountain biking. Different from road bikes in that the wheels are thicker and bar handle is straight not curved, there are several dirt trails in Chaguaramas and Couva for example, to ride soaking in the relaxing forest vibes along the trails. So next time you’re craving some adventure, grab your water bottle, bike gear and enjoy but careful riding through those rock gardens though!

4. Sailing


Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association promotes sailing across the island as well as organises races, provides sailing classes and summer camps for youth. With Trinidad and Tobago being an island destination, who says all sports got to be on land. Yacht races are quite popular in Tobago with large companies coming on board to sponsor the event. Notably, we have the Angostura Tobago Sail Week which usually begins at the end of the rainy season.

5. Rock Climbing


When we think of sport, rock climbing usually doesn’t come to mind, especially in Trinidad and Tobago. But in recent years, rock climbing has carved a small niche notably with the establishment of the Trinidad & Tobago Rock Climbing Association. We did say Trinis in everything!


They say variety is the spice of life and while the moniker “Spice Isle” may already be taken, our Trinbago variety of sporting activities shows there’s more secrets about our cosmopolitan country we’ve yet to discover.


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