5 Tips to Reach Your 2020 Travel Goals


Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2020! Can you believe it?! I know I have some major things I would love to achieve this year and I’m sure that you do too!


One of the things on my 2020 Bucket List is travel, as I’m sure is probably a pretty popular resolution this year and every other year!


Here are five tips to help you set realistic travel goals for 2020!

1. Daydream


I know I said realistic but gazing away is not all that bad! You’re using your imagination to think of all the things that you want. So wonder about all the destinations you want to go, how long you’d like to stay, what you’d be wearing and what you’d be doing. This will surely get you in the mood to start some planning and give you the right amount of motivation to get the ball rolling!

2. Create a Board


When you have a visual representation of what you want, you feel motivated to work towards it. So create a physical board, like a vision board or a virtual board (mood board/Pinterest) to get inspired from other travellers’ images or destination pics that resonate with you.

3. Do Some Research


You’d want to find out how much your overall trip costs before you book your flight, so try searching the web for reviews of hotels, check for the cheapest flights, search for any combo packages and then make your final decisions based on what you’ve found out.

4. Set Targets


Set the date/s you’d like to go on vacation, set an overall savings target and create smaller goals so you can reach your targets, and stay on track. If you have debts to pay and other monetary responsibilities, create a plan to pay them off while saving simultaneously. A little goes a long way!

5. Review and Re-do


To stay on track, especially with your travel savings goal, you have to constantly review your targets and plan of action to meet those targets. To stay accountable, you should do weekly/monthly checks to see how much you’ve saved. And, in case you feel a little down you can always daydream again to get the motivation you need to achieve your travel goals.


Happy Travelling!


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