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If you’re a foodie or remotely into food on any level enough to follow a foodie on social media (like your’s truly @idreamofoodie 😉), then a Roadtrip Food Tour is what you need.



A food tour is one of the best ways to experience various types of foods from various vendors across the country, without having to worry about gas, long lines and deciding what to order because everything is done in advance, all you have to do is show up with “yuh belly in yuh hand” . It’s also a great way to meet new people that share your love for food – after all, food does bring people together.



I went on the first “Foodie Night” tour of the year offered by Roadtrip on March 11th and let me tell you, it wasn’t just the standard hop on a maxi, drive to a destination, hop off, eat , hop back on, NO – we played games, had a giveaway AND even did karaoke, which helped pass the time in between locations. It was well organized from the start to finish, so much so that even the choice of locations were well thought out. The longest distance between any stop was approx 35 mins. We met at the meeting point, slapped on our orange Roadtrip bands and hit the road, with Kenyon (Tour Administrator) keeping us entertained on the mic.

We started off with Chicken Wings from Sizzling by Chef G in Curepe and most agreed this was one of the TOP eats for the night. I had their signature strawberry glazed wings and I was pleasantly surprised by how subtle the strawberry flavour was, (for some reason I was expecting it to taste like a dessert but hoping it wouldn’t). It was more of a hint of strawberry, with a slightly tart and mildly sweet flavour and it was lip smackingly GOOD. A few people also shared my sentiment and because I didn’t eat all at the time, it made for some good leftovers.



Next up was the Scooby Doo Burger from the Munchies Machine in Chaguanas. I had the chicken and it was piled high with the toppings of my choice. The burger was quite large and became a little messy, so it was best to eat on site. It was pretty decent and at this point I questioned whether I was able to continue my food exploration – thank goodness I wore jeans with an elastic waist!

We then hit up Quan Kep’s Pork Shed in Couva, where I had the pepper pork – a hefty serving of roasted pork that was sauteed at high heat with various red and green peppers, onions and other aromatics. It was pleasing to the eyes and nostrils and so I had to take a few forkfuls – Mmmhmmm, it was worth it. This too was enjoyed as leftovers a day or 2 later.

Our 2nd to last stop was at Vidya’s Hot & Tasty “Gourmet” Doubles in Marabella. Now, before I go any further, I must preface this by saying two things:
1. I am not a doubles person, I probably eat it twice a year and YES , I am Trini – born and raised.
2. This place is not for the “Doubles Purist” among us, because the “gourmet” comes via the addition of meat.

You can choose between chicken (curry or stew), duck, goat, pork and shrimp. I took the goat and to be honest, it felt like eating a tiny mini roti 😕, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a doubles, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good but if I’m having doubles, I’d prefer it “pure” – a thin and soft bara, with well seasoned channa, a lil cucumber, slight pepper and splash of sweet sauce – that’s me right there. Still, it was a good experience and you can’t really call yourself a “foodie” if you’re not willing to try new F O O D S!

The last lap took us to Passion Dessert Limited in Freeport for their Freak Cones – a super cute establishment, with hanging flowers, pictures of their signature cones plastered on the walls and comfortable seating. I had the Sweet Melanin, which consisted of 2 huge scoops of chocolate ice cream, topped with pieces of chocolate cookies, a solidified chocolate drizzle and stuck on M&Ms because clearly there wasn’t enough chocolate 😂 I have always been an advocate for desserts NOT being cloyingly sweet and this fit the bill. The ice-cream was actually moreish – I finished it, down to the crumb of the waffle cone. Understandably, I couldn’t move after but I was happy with my accomplishment because I don’t usually finish ice-cream in one go. I highly recommend trying them out.

Somehow, I made it to the maxi and we began our journey back to the meeting point. Kenyon said a few words and we all clapped in agreement of a well spent foodie day!

Be sure to catch the next food tour on Saturday 1st July – it’s not going to be the same places but you’ll be in for GOOD vibes, GOOD food and GOOD people and if you fall asleep like I did on the way back, it only means it was money well spent! Do it with a friend, or go solo like me – either way, you’ll have a BLAST!



Last but very important thing – WALK WITH A goody bag because unless you’re planning to “buss yuh belly”, you won’t be able to eat it all and always remember the golden rule – save room for dessert!


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