Hidden Gems of T&T – The “Hart” of a Foodie


What if someone told you that you can get a perfectly tasty bake and shark without having to drive up to Maracas? Fried on the spot too! Or that you could have a doubles, barbecue wings, chicken foot souse, corn soup, burgers, and tacos without having to drive to 6 different locations? And no, we are not talking about the food stalls by Queen’s Park Savannah (though those are equally great), but we’re talking about a place a little more on the east-side – Eddie Hart Savannah.


By day, it looks like any normal savannah. Persons walking around the tracks or exercising on the grass, a group playing cricket or football or practising for a march past, or people sitting on the benches talking and catching up. But by night, the Eddie Hart Savannah becomes a foodie’s dream. And yuh know we Trinbagonians love we belly!


The food stalls and trucks are usually set up towards the west end of the savannah carpark. However, the photos shown here capture them on the east side of the carpark since some work was being done at the time to improve the experience.

The busiest nights for the Savannah are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. People come out with their families to sample the delights, liming by their cars or on benches. The fitness fanatics also cannot resist the delicious aromas. You would notice a few of them steering towards the stalls after their workout. Who could blame them? They need to replace those calories they just burned off (or so some of us tell ourselves). They don’t have to go too overboard though. They have the option of getting fruits or healthy punches and smoothies.


But at the Eddie Hart Savannah, there is really something for everyone. You can choose from a variety of cuisines. You can have barbecue, empanadas, geera pork, blue food, gyros, pastas, pholourie, accra – almost any delicacy you can think of!


There are even a few food trucks that cater to vegans with salads and yummy black bean burgers. Even if you didn’t come to the Savannah for a full meal but just wanted to satisfy your sweet tooth, there is ice cream, cake, pone and some sort of sugar-coma-inducing treat called popples. Okay, so maybe everyone’s plan should be to take a few laps around the savannah before they check out the stalls, for your waistline’s sake.

Nonetheless, the vibe of the Savannah has somewhat changed since the addition of these food stalls. It feels more warm and family-oriented. You are sure to “bounce up” some friends and even make new ones while you wait for your meals and treats. There was even a night when some astronomy enthusiasts brought out their telescopes. They then allowed the savannah-goers a chance to view Jupiter and Saturn.


We call these happenings at the savannah a hidden gem. Even though there are many people visiting the stalls, it still seems that the new activities are not well-known. Some of the food trucks have moved around to different locations looking for a home so it was nice to see they had finally found one. It helps that they are on wheels too.


There is a warmth in the atmosphere and it is not just from all the food preparation. You can feel the camaraderie amongst the vendors; everyone is pleasant with each other and their customers. The vendors even help one another out when the other “needs some change”. You can also see that the customers are enjoying the food when they sit with their friends and families on the furniture provided by each vendor.

It is great to see that we found a way for people to enjoy some family time and our nation’s wide variety of delicacies, while allowing persons to show their culinary talents as they make an honest dollar.


This just might be the answer to people and families who are foodies at “Hart”.


So be sure to stop by the Eddie Hart Savannah and see what it is like! Or even join Road Trip TT on one of our foodie trips! Either way, we are sure you will be in for a fun and tasty time!


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