A Taste of Moruga Tour


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We’re bringing back the old-time days! Hop on our time machine as we go back to simpler times, to reminisce, learn and explore the magical town of Moruga.

Visit the southern coast of Trinidad to sip on a cup of cocoa tea, enjoy some baked treats made from a traditional dirt oven, visit the over 100-year-old suspension bridge, dance the cocoa in an original cocoa house and see artifacts dating back to the 1800’s.


Don’t miss out on this amazing day full of fun, relaxation, and educational experiences that includes:


  1. Tour of the Moruga Museum
  2. Cocoa dancing experience at a traditional Cocoa House
  3. Moruga Chocolate and Cocoa Rum tastings and a cup of Cocoa Tea
  4. An Indigenous First People’s lunch with a cup of fresh juice
  5. Samples of traditional Dirt Oven treats including Sponge Cake and Cassava Pone (in addition to being able to purchase your own baked goods including breads, cakes and pizza)
  6. Visit to the Digity Mud Volcano
  7. Visit to La Ruffin Spring Bridge
  8. Visit to various heritage statues and monuments in Moruga 
  9. Visit to Moruga Bay


Additional Details:


  • Inclusions-  Transportation and all the experiences and food/treats mentioned above
  • Meeting time/location: 7:00am at President’s Awards Car Park, Curepe OR South Park Car Park at 8:15am
  • Departure time from President’s Awards Car Park at 7:30am and Departure from South Park Car Park at 8:30am
  • Return time- 6:15pm to South Park and 7:00pm to  President’s Awards Car Park