Chacachacare Island Salt Pond & Lighthouse Hike


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Journey with us as we visit the north-west peninsula known as ‘Down d Islands’. Chacachacare Island is located eight miles from the Venezuelan coastline and was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 and called El Caracol (the Snail) because of its shape. It is the largest and most westerly of the five Bocas Islands.


The boat ride to the Chacachacare will take 45 minutes. If we are lucky we may encounter a pod(s) of dolphins known for being sighted in the area. Our first destination is Bandu Su Bay on the southern side of the island. Upon reaching the Bay we will disembark the boat into the water about 15 feet away from the shore. We will then go on a very short and easy 5 minute trail to the Salt Pond. The Salt Pond is a body of water that has been trapped by a sand and shingle bar which developed across the bay and makes for amazing pictures.


The boat will then take us across to the jetty on the northwestern side of the island where we will head to the highest point on the island (825 feet) on Morne Cabresse to visit the Lighthouse built-in 1870. At the top of the 45-minute uphill climb hikers can take in breath-taking panoramic views of the surrounding Bocas Islands and Venezuela in the distance.


A relaxing dip in the clear, calm and soothing waters of Perruquier Bay is the reward after a day of hike-citement!


Our Hike Team Includes: Experienced Hike Leaders, Group Coordinators, Medical and Security personnel.


  • Hike Rating- 4 out of 10 (Moderate)
  • Duration- Involves 2 hours of walking inclusive of 1 hour 20 mins uphill and 40 mins downhill
  • Includes: Bottled Water and Boat Transportation
  • Assembly time: 8:00am (At Alcan Bay, Chaguaramas)
  • Departure time- 8:30am
  • Expected time of return- 4:00pm (To Alcan Bay, Chaguaramas)
  • Parking available at Alcan Bay
  • Lifejackets provided
  • The boat has washroom facilities
Age Category

Adult, Kid (Ages 8-11), Groups of 4 or more