Foodie Road Trip-South and About Tour


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Get ready to Taste, Tour and Explore the Best of South!


We’re headed to the southern coast of Trinidad, along the way we will stop at the Dignity Mud Volcano and Sundar Popo Statue and sample some local East Indian delicacies both savory and sweet at Debe Junction. Our lunch stop will be at Bumpys BBQ in Aripero, regarded as one of the best BBQ spots in south!


We will continue to the world-famous Pitch Lake in La Brea to enjoy a tour and optional rejuvenating bath in one of its Sulphur springs. We will also enjoy dessert at one of the most popular local ice cream spots in south Squebees Original Homemade Ice Cream in Fyzabad with over 25 flavours at visit the nearby Uriah “Buzz” Butler Statue. We’ll end the day off with an evening snack of pizza from one of the best local handcrafted pizzas in south Shimmerlicious Pizza.

Foodie Road Trip Menu and Sites being Visited:
  • Breakfast at Hassanali’s D Green Shed, Debe Junction. Includes your choice of 2 local East Indian delicacies including Doubles, Sahenna, Aloe Pie, Pholourie, Kachori etc
  • A sweets bag with Kurma, Gulab Jamoon and Barfi from the Sweets Shed, Debe
  • A visit to the Sundar Popo Statue and Digity Mud Volcano, Debe
  • Lunch at Bumpys BBQ, Aripero- Includes a BBQ Chicken and Lamb combo or BBQ Fish served with Fresh Salad, Garlic Bread and your choice of Fries, macaroni Salad or Grilled Potatoes
  • A visit to the Pitch Lake, La Brea- With the option for a rejuvenating bath in one of its Sulphur springs
  • Dessert at Squebees Original Homemade Ice Cream , Fyzabad- Includes a scoop of one of their over 25 delicious flavours
  • A visit to the Uriah “Buzz” Butler Statue, Fyzabad
  • Evening snack at Shimmerlicious Pizza, La Brea- Includes tw


Additional Details:


  • Inclusions: transportation, all the food mentioned above, visits to the sites mentioned. bottled water and fun games and activities on board the maxi
  • Meeting Location 1- President’s Awards Car Park, Curepe at 8:30am
  • Meeting Location 2- South Park Car Park at 9:15am  
  • Departure time from President’s Awards Car Park is 9:00am and Departure from South Park Car Park is 9:45am
  • Return time- 7:00pm to South Park and 7:30pm to  President’s Awards Car Park