Nariva Swamp & Manzanilla Explore


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Enjoy this eco-experience with a guided trail walk as we visit The Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary situated at the south-western region of the Nariva Swamp.


This nature reserve is a sandy, forested island covered with palms, evergreen hardwood trees and silk cotton trees. It is inhabited by 7 species of amphibians, 27 of reptiles, 171 of birds and 59 species of mammals, including 32 species of bats.


Experience the Red Howler Monkeys swinging between trees in their natural habitat as well as white Capuchin Monkeys, Blue and Gold Macaws and beautiful butterflies like the  Blue Emperor.


Enjoy other highlights in the Manzanilla area such as:


  1. A visit to the Book Junkie
  2. A stop at Kernahan Village to sample some of the sweetest melon
  3. A visit to the Ortoire River Mouth
  4. A visit to Ducky’s where you can purchase an authentic fresh Roast Fish/Lobster lunch



  • Hike Rating- 3 out of 10
  • Duration- 1 hour (One way) involves 2 hours of walking in total along a relatively flat trail
  • Includes transportation, guided hike and visits to various sites in Manzanilla, bottled water and watermelon samples
  • Meeting time/location: 7:00am at President’s Awards Car Park, Curepe
  • Departure time- 7:30am
  • Return time- 5:00pm