Rancho Quemado Cocoa and Volcano Tour


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Enjoy this educational Agro-Tourism experience at the 45 acre estate and also enjoy a visit the Erin Bouffe Mud Volcano. Enjoy a swim in the volcano or bask in all its glory!
Tour Highlights Include: 


  • A visit to the Daisy Voisin Statue and Hub, Siparia
  • A visit to Los Iros Volcanic Park (Erin Bouffe Mud Volcano)
  • A guided walk through the Rancho Quemado Cocoa Estate including cocoa house and cocoa processing room and info on the fermenting process
  • Live Honey Bee display
  • Pig Farm Visit
  • A cup of hot cocoa tea
  • Lunch of Dirt Oven Roasted Chicken and Fresh Salad and a slice of Pizza made from a Dirt Oven
  • The opportunity to purchase byproducts of cocoa made by the Rancho Quemado Estate including Cocoa Wine, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter and Honey
  • You can also place your orders for breads, hops, sweetbread and drops made from a traditional Dirt Oven!


Additional Details:


  • Inclusions-  Transportation and all the experiences mentioned above, lunch, cocoa tea and bottled water
  • Meeting time and location- 7:00am at Mt. Hope Hospital Car park (parallel to the bus route)
  • Departure time- 7:30am
  • Return time- 7:00pm