Traditions of Carnival Tour


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Carnival is ingrained in our culture and our national identity. We invite you to experience and explore the roots of three of our Carnival traditions- Mas, Stilt Walking and Stick Fighting.


Tour Highlights Include: 


  • Become a Moko Jumbie for a day- Learn the basics of stilt walking from Kaisoca Valencia Moko Jumbies
  • A visit to a Mas Camp- Learn about the traditions of Mas and Wire Bending from the three-time band of the year winners Ronnie and Caro Mas (2016-2018) Stick Fighting-
  • Learn about the origins of Kalinda or stick-fighting from Keegan Taylor
  • End off the tour with a corn soup and doubles around the Queen’s Park Savannah


Additional Details:


  • Inclusions: Transportation and all the experiences mentioned above
  • Meeting time and location- 12:00pm at The Paddock, Queen’s Park Savannah
  • Return Time- 8:00pm