Top 5 Lookouts in Tobago


Lookouts are a great place to relax, enjoy some amazing breath-taking views and to take the best selfies and landscape photos.


We would have previously looked at the Top 5 Lookouts in Trinidad. Our sister isle Tobago isn’t short of its own magnificent sightseeing spots. Here’s a list of Road Trip TT’s Top 5 Lookouts in Tobago!

1. Parlatuvier Lookout


Parlatuvier Beach is one of the most photographed locations in Tobago because of the ease of doing so by the lookout. Before descending into Parlatuvier the road widens allowing you to safely pull aside for stunning selfie shots of the blue-green bay lined with golden sand as their background.

2. Flagstaff Hill


Overlooking the village of Charlotteville which is often described as the best village in Tobago, is Flagstaff Hill. The views at this point are spectacular. While the slopes of the summit are densely forested, at the top, there’s a well-kept park and a few communication towers. During World War II, Flagstaff Hill was an American base, lookout and radio tower. In addition to seeing the entire spread of Charlotteville, one can see Cambleton, Hermitage, Man O’ War Bay, St Giles Island as well as the merging of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

3. Speyside Lookout


The Speyside Lookout is located on the left, just before the descent into the village of Speyside. Speyside is the last village on the Atlantic side of Tobago. The lookout gives a picturesque view of Goat Island to the front and Little Tobago to the back. Both islands sitting beautifully in the blue-green ocean. You can also do a bit of craft shopping while enjoying the views.

4. Mount Dillon Lookout


A couple minutes after the silk cotton tree in Runnemede, the Mt Dillion Lookout affords fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea lined by towering coastal rock. The popular village of Castara, where you are sure to get your dirt oven baked goodies, can also be seen. The lookout is furnished with park benches, flowering plants and fruit trees for your pleasure and relaxation.

5. Fort King George


Fort King George, named after King George III, provides spectacular views of Scarborough and the Atlantic Ocean. The Fort is described as the largest and most preserved fort on the island. Here you can visit the museum, the garrison and reflect on other pieces of artefacts throughout the grounds. The panoramic views at sunset are definitely a sight to behold.


Which of these lookouts in Tobago have you been to? And what are some of your other favourites?


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