What Goes Up Must Come Down… A Rappelling Experience


“Oh, that does not look so bad, I can do that!” I thought to myself scanning the rock wall before me. I joined the other brave hearts for the safety briefing where patrons had the interesting experience of gearing up themselves based on the demonstration. Our handy work was tripled checked by the rappelling instructors before we were allowed to proceed. After all safety checks I marched confidently up the side of the cliff ready for the first rappel.


Intense looks were all geared towards the lead instructor as he explained the process to arrive safely to the bottom while another instructor demonstrated. It all seemed easy at least this is what I gathered from the nods and smiles on the pumped faces around me.


“So, who’s first?” the lead instructor enquired. The silence was deafening. A few seconds later a hand was raised. To my disbelief it was mine. It was as if my mind was no longer in control, but the adrenaline that flowed through my body. I smiled so as to not give away my present confusion. I walked towards the instructor, he fastened me in then I gripped the rope while walking to the edge, everything looked so small. I was not afraid heights so I was not phased until I had to turn around, walk backwards slowly and lean back. I now found myself in a game of trust between the rope being held the belay below and myself. “Will he catch me? … Belay on ONE,” I shouted to signal to him that I was coming his way one way or the other.


I took a deep breath looked at the faces of the other participants in front of me and proceeded to lean back and mimic the instructor. I began stepping cautiously down the rugged cliff being continuously instructed and encouraged. About a meter down I was encouraged to start bouncing off the cliff. I felt my knees bending and body crouching in my diagonal position, before I realised my feet were off the off the wall. What a breathless thrill! I pushed off again and again with every jump growing in size. My mind had just lost another battle to adrenaline. On reaching the ground my ear to ear smile and heavy breathing was satisfying signal of a fantastic experience.


After a few more rappels, patrons headed for the next experience, kayaking at Williams Bay. The calm waters glistened under rays of the sun, it was a great day for kayaking. We received our life jackets and paddles followed by a brief demonstration of how to use the paddles, along with some safety instructions. It was not my first time kayaking but the open water intrigued me.


I was assisted with carrying my kayak to the shore and then I was off. I passed the docked ships that seem gigantic from my point of view. At one time I laid back on my kayak allowed the ocean to rock me to sleep. It was truly a day well spent. With my thirst for adrenaline and excitement quenched, I headed back home reliving the highlights of the day.


Road Trip TT invites you to join us for our next adrenaline adventure! Try your hand at Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Ziplining, Mountain Biking, Archery and Kayaking. Conquer your fears and have an exciting new adventure worth talking about!



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