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Funcation Travel

There are vacations and then there are Funcations!

Our Destination Management service will satisfy your thirst for adventure and love for travel! 


Satisfy your wanderlust and explore regional and international destinations with unique customised itineraries that guarantee a fun and memorable experience! Go on an unforgettable journey as you explore and experience an eclectic mix of sites and activities including national landmarks, beaches, historical locations, nature attractions, world renowned tours, adventure activities and shopping!



Cancun, Mexico


The Bahamas







Vincent and the Grenadines

Why travel with us?

Value For Money

Because we offer group travel bookings, we get the best deals on airfare, accommodation, tours, and transportation, which means we can offer you the most affordable package possible!

We'll do all the Planning, so you can Relax

We take the stress out of travel by handling all bookings for your trip. This way, you can fully enjoy your travel experience!

Affordable Payment Plans

We offer payment plans so you can pay for your trip over 5-8 months, which means less stress on your finances.

Just the Right Mix

Our Funcations include a mix of relaxing leisure activities, outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, guided tours, shopping, nightlife and free time. Now that's what we call a holistic travel experience!

Dedicated Travel Coordinators

Our experienced team will be there with you every step of the way, making sure everything runs smoothly and that you have a safe, fun and memorable travel experience!

Meet New People

One of the most exciting parts of our Funcations is the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends while bonding over your shared adventure.

Solo Travelers Welcome

You may come alone on our Funcations, but you'll always have company to enjoy the experience!