Upcoming Tours

Join us on one of our exciting upcoming adventures! We guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience!

chacachacare lsland


Experience a Five Islands Boat Tour with visits to the beaches on Chacachacare and Monos Islands!
On April 8th @ 9:00 AM
7.5 Hour Duration
Ages 5+


Enjoy a fun and exciting hike to the L’eau Michel Mud Volcano and Beach! Have a muddy adventure!
On April 10th @ 8:00 AM
9 Hour Duration
Ages 7+
Manzanilla coconuts


Enjoy our mouth-watering South East Coast tour inclusive of samples of Roast Fish, Watermelon, Dirt Oven Sponge Cake and Homemade Ice Cream!!!
On April 9th @ 7:30 AM
10.5 Hour Duration
Ages 5+
cocoa dancing in moruga


We’re bringing back the old-time days! Hop on our time machine as we go back to simpler times, to reminisce, learn and explore the magical town of Moruga!
On April 2nd @ 7:30 AM
10.5 Hour Duration
Ages 5+


Adrenaline junkie? Enjoy an action-packed day of thrills, adventure and fun! Experience these 3 adventures in 1 exciting day!
On April 29th @ 9:00 AM
7 Hour Duration
Ages 12+
quare water hike-705


At the Falls there is a crystal clear pool perfect for swimming. Along the Quare River there are plunge pools, miniature cascades and many fascinating areas to explore
On March 26th @ 7:30 AM
9 Hour Duration
Ages 8.5+


Have a fun day Down "D" Islands with visits to two Bays La Tinta and Perruquier Bay on Chacachacare Island!
On March 30th @ 8:00 AM
7.5 Hour Duration
Ages 8+


Journey to a place where time stands still, the views are picturesque, the air is crisp and cool, the mist rolls across the mountains
On April 23rd @ 1:00 PM
5 Hour Duration
Ages 5+