The Twin Islands

Trinidad and Tobago

Whether you are a local, expat, or visitor, you’ll soon find out that Trinidad and Tobago is the most unique tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

Our twin island offers a cultural, historical, ecological and culinary melting pot that sets it apart from its neighbors.


Enjoy one of our unique experiences including bathing in the iconic Nylon Pool in Tobago, swimming in a Mud Volcano in southern Trinidad, witnessing the nesting ritual of the endangered Leatherback Turtle at Grand Rivière, visiting one of only three Pitch Lakes in the world in La Brea, Birdwatching at the oldest protected rainforest in the Caribbean the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve or witnessing thousands of Scarlet Ibis in flight at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg! T&T also offers iconic festivals such as Carnival with our indigenous rhythms of soca, calypso, chutney and steelpan.There is also Tobago Heritage Festival and Blue Food Festivals along with our ethnically diverse Phagwa/Holi, Hosay, Divali and Eid and First People’s festivals.


Our people are culturally and ethnically diverse and are as warm as our sun, vibrant as our festivals, hospitable and friendly with a dialect is as colorful as our tropical birds. 


Our food is the most unique and delicious in the Caribbean! Bursting with flavor, colour, texture and aromas that will delight all your senses. You must try our pelau, doubles, curried crab and dumplings, pastelles, roti, bake and shark, pholourie,souse, buss up shot, callaloo, oil down, and traditional treats like chow, sugar cake, kurma, pone and soursop ice cream.


Trinidad and Tobago has something for everyone! Sun, Sea, Sand, Nature, Adventure, Culture, Festivals, Music, Art, Sport and more! 

Nylon Pool

Turtle Watching

La Brea Pitch Lake

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Trinidad Carnival


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