Las Cuevas Overnight Camping & Hike Experience


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Experience a night sleeping under the stars and to the soothing flow of the nearby river. This is the perfect activity to unwind with your family, friends, or significant other while enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature. 
Learn to pitch a tent, tie knots like a fisherman, build a campfire, and roast marshmallows of course! Also enjoy fun games and activities including cricket, football, paddleball, board and card games. 
You’ll also be in close proximity to Maracas and Las Cuevas beaches so you can plan a visit before or after your camping experience. 

Also enjoy a hike to the Zorro Waterfall on Sunday morning.  The waterfall is 15 ft high and has a plunge pool that’s excellent for bathing! Hike Rating- 3 out of 10 (Easy) and Duration- 45 minutes (One way).


  • Provision of Camping Tents (2-4 persons per tent)
  • Outdoor Survival Training (building campfires, tying knots etc) 
  • Outdoor washroom and shower facilities
  • Parking for vehicles (patrons are responsible for their own transportation) 
  • A Hike to Zorro Waterfall 
  • Fun games and activities- Cricket, football,  paddleball, board and card games
  • Close access to Maracas and Las Cuevas Beaches 


  • Maximum 24 persons (the campsite is on 2.5 acres of property) 
  • Assembly time and location: 10:30am at Uncle Sam’s Bar, Maracas
  • Departure time: 11:00am
  • Expected arrival time to Campsite- 11:30am
  • Expected departure time from Campsite- 1:00pm 
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2 persons, family of 4- 2 adults 2 children, 3 persons, own tent