Southern Eruption Tour


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Join us as we visit the Erin Bouffe Mud Volcano which is part of a chain of mud volcanoes that run from Cedros to Morne Diablo. Enjoy a swim in the volcano or bask in all its glory!


You will also visit the statues of some of our country’s musical legends, have lunch made from a chulha and visit a dirt/mud oven where you can purchase some traditionally made bread, pone, drops, bakes. cakes and more!


Tour Highlights Include: 

  • Visit to the Sundar Popo Statue, Debe
  • Visit to Doll’s Chulhas- Hot on D Spot, Siparia for lunch and to find out about the traditions of Chulha making and cooking
  • Visit to the Daisy Voisin Statue, Siparia
  • Visit to Rancho Quemado’s Mud Oven, Palo Seco inclusive of sponge cake samples from the Mud Oven
  • Visit to Los Iros Volcanic Park (Erin Bouffe Mud Volcano)
  • Visit to Los Iros Beach
  • Lunch made from a traditional Chulha- Paratha, Curried Duck, Aloo, Channa, Murtani (spicy choka), Mother-in-law


Additional Details:


  • Inclusions: Transportation, lunch and all the experiences mentioned above
  • Meeting time and location- 7:30am at President’s Awards Car Park, Curepe or 8:15pm at South Park
  • Departure time-8:00am Curepe and 8:45am at South Park
  • Return time: 7:30pm