A Romantic Night Out for Lovers


Every year many have a hard time deciding how to celebrate February 14th with that special someone. This year Road Trip TT made it easier for some twenty plus couples by hosting our Couples Night Out- Valentine’s Edition.


Our Lover’s Masquerade Dinner and Dance excited all senses at our private, intimate rooftop venue.


As the stunningly dressed couples entered our love nest, their sense of SIGHT was immediately stimulated. They received a complementary themed mask that assisted in creating a visually alluring persona. Adorned in black and white with subtle touches of red and silver, the rooftop gave a great view of the western part of the city lights.


The soft, romantic music appealed to the sense of SOUND and it set the mood all night long. Preceding dinner, couples participated in a fun trivia game that tested how well they knew their partner for a chance to win Road Trip TT vouchers for their next adventure. The ladies were placed in the hot seat to recall facts about their gentlemen; some rose to the occasion effortlessly while some learned new facts lol.


To arouse the TASTE buds a delightful appetiser and cocktail drink were served to couples on arrival, followed by a delicious buffet dinner diner and satisfying dessert accompanied by a complimentary glass of wine. After dinner, some couples took to the balcony to admire the ambiance of the city light while others remained at their tables deep in conversation. The sense of SMELL heightened as patrons got cosy with their partners, experiencing the chemical reaction as their aromas combined.


The most anticipated moment of the evening arrived. The dance floor was cleared and ready to occupy our over 40 budding dancers. By this time the full moon illuminated the night’s sky adding to the romantic setting. The adept and popular dance instructor, Carol Bossierre briefly explained and demonstrated the main facets of the Rumba and Salsa. With hands intertwined, the eager couples activated their sense of TOUCH as they learned some new fun, sensual moves to end off a night of romance.


Love is an adventure and through our Couples Night Out events Road Trip TT makes the journey all the more memorable. Why don’t you both join us?



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