Living the Island Life


A cool, soothing ocean breeze, the warm embrace of the Caribbean sun and the peaceful sound of waves crashing gently on the shoreline. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what Island Life is all about.


On Sunday 14th February on Valentine’s Day 2016, patrons boarded the Island Prince at Cruise Inn Marina for our first Down ‘D’ Islands boat tour of the Five Islands inclusive of beach visits to Chacachacare and Monos Islands. What better way could one choose spend Valentine’s Day with friends and family? The over 60 patrons that joined us shared the same sentiment.


The panoramic view of the Gulf of Paria to the south and the lush mountains to the north was an enjoyable sight. We continued our boat ride around the Five Islands patrons received interesting facts. Like did you know that the Five Islands are actually 6 islands? Caledonia, Craig, Lenagan, Rock, Pelican and Nelson Island.


These and the other islands that make up the “Down D Islands” chain have been home to the indentured labourers who first came from India; have been ceremonial grounds for the Amerindians; have served as whaling stations for the whalers that hunted the humpback whales which grew to over 80 feet in length and were very abundant in the waters of our Gulf of Paria.


To add to the dramatic history of these islands, some were also occupied by the Spanish who built forts, and even burnt and sank their ships here; some were visited by the German U Boats as they snuck their way in to the Gulf to attack local ship traffic during WWII.


On approaching the snail shaped Chacachacare Island many were able to spot Venezuela in the distance. Chachacare Island is not without its history and uniqueness as well. It once housed a Leprosarium run by the Dominican Sisters, the island still has a working lighthouse, 818 feet above sea level and also features a salt pond.


While on Chacachacare we visited Perruquier Bay, with its shallow, tranquil shimmering blue waters that stretches out for metres made an ideal playground for our water sports activities.


After having lunch and a refreshing dip we were ready for our next beach stop, the beautiful Biscayne Bay on Monos Islands. Patrons disembarked and headed straight for the clear waters which had a bit more waves that at Chacachacare but was soothing all the same.


Our Down “D” Islands trips are a perfect one day escape inclusive of mix of nature, history and the sea. Getaway with Road Trip TT… Your next adventure awaits!



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