The Prescription for Adventure


On the first Sunday in August 20 individuals arrived at the Macqueripe Beach Facility ready to experience an adrenaline rush! The first dosage was delivered through an aerial adventure of 7 ziplines and 2 rope bridges.


After climbing a wooden two story tower these thrill seekers let go all their fears and inhibitions. The ziplines took them through a small canopy of the Macqueripe forest closest to the bay. As they completed the last zip which by far was the longest and fastest, endorphin levels were through the roof!


A short break later, the eager group hopped on mountain bikes and began to pedal. Following the guide, they rode through the scenic Tucker Valley, past the lush greens of the Bamboo Cathedral and Chaguaramas Golf Course. Some even ventured through some more rugged trails in the area.


After the second adrenaline dosage we headed to the Kayak Centre. The weather was just right. The still air made the water relatively calm and thin clouds provided some shade from the scorching sun.


Having suited up with life jackets and collecting their paddles and being a kayaking 101 demo, the kayaks were carried into the water and they were off to discover the surrounding Williams Bay area via its calm waters. Those who were in double kayaks quickly learned that teamwork was key to their exploration.


As they kayaked to shore, some even raced, a gratifying smile on their faces indicated that they had reached the climax of a fun and exciting day! Ready for the week ahead with so much memorable moments to take them through it.


Road Trip TT is the ultimate outdoor adventure pharmaceutical provider. We can fill any prescription for the adrenaline junkies, to the travel bugs, to those who enjoy nature’s tranquility. We promise that all our medicines will be administered under the vast blue sky and in the fresh free air. Step away from your everyday routine and join us on our next adventure!



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