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Most people often ask the question what else is there to do on a Saturday night with your significant other or friends other than hit the Avenue, go to a restaurant or catch a movie.


Well Road Trip TT just gave you another option…. Couples Night Out! Every month, since September 2016 thirty couples have enjoyed an evening inclusive of a Down “D” Islands Cruise, Beach Bonfire and Dinner. Whether you are a couple of friends or lovers, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience in an intimate setting.


To make each experience unique and fun, each Couples Night Out has a specific theme. We had Chinese lanterns light up the night sky at our first event where couples lit and released their lanterns together while making a wish. Couples were in awe at the fire breather’s performance during our Hawaiian themed edition the following month where they also donned flowered lei necklaces. In November, iridescent colours decorated the beach at Lovers Bay as couples glowed in the dark with party favours including shades, bracelets and necklaces. Most recently our couples said Feliz Navidad as they enjoyed the sweet parang rhythms that emanated from the box base, cautro and chac chac during the performance of Paraminios which warmed all our hearts.


An evening like any of the above mentioned commences with couples being served a welcome drink and appetizer during a short 45 minute moonlit cruise around the islands. We then disembark at Monos Island where couples are guided along a candle lit trail to Lovers Bay as they find a comfortable spot upon the crystal brown sand to spread their blankets or place their chairs along with coolers with their favourite drinks. The ambiance is further set with a soft mix of love songs across all genres of music being played throughout the night.


After settling in, dinner is served followed by dessert which always includes roasting marshmallows at the bonfire, this has certainly become a favourite at Couples Night Out. To enjoy the time some couples take a stroll along the beach enjoying the sound of small crashing waves, play their favourite game or just lay on the sand and relish in each other’s company. Our professional photographer captures all the moments throughout the night so you can share all the memories of an evening well spent with each other.


Life is a series of moments, so make every moment count and be sure to spend more of those moments with the people that matter the most! Road Trip TT’s Couples Night Out provides an avenue for wonderful moments to be made. Join us for a unique and memorable experience you won’t soon forget!



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