The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Girls’ Trip!


The WhatsApp group is on fire! You can’t even get a word in because new messages are pouring in by the millisecond. One’s proclaiming how excited she is, another’s talking about some outfit she copped the other day and was dying to wear it out somewhere, one more is claiming dibs on the front seat, and then there’s you – the level-headed one who knows that this trip is not going to happen but you’re trying to keep hope alive by participating in the group chat.


Now I know I’m not the only one who’s been there before. Planning a trip with friends is stressful to say the least, because of everyone’s busy schedules and commitments, but, a lil quality time with your gal pals is needed occasionally.


Here are five ways to ensure that your next Girls’ Trip is happening:

1. Consider Everyone’s Budget:


Everyone may not have the same amount of cash to splurge on a trip. Discuss an amount required for the trip beforehand, so that everyone can contribute evenly. This way, the friend who doesn’t have the immediate cash to go on a spontaneous trip has enough time to save up!


A bonus tip is to have a Girls’ Night Out fund. Every time you and your friends meet, you should collectively put aside some cash for the next outing! The extra cash may come in handy, especially if you all may want to go somewhere a bit more upscale the next time. I know this kinda sounds super formal, but your group of friends should nominate a “treasurer” – I assume the most trustworthy in the gang – and she should keep the extra cash until your next meet-up. The extra dough makes a spontaneous trip more likely to happen too!

2. Decide Where You’re Going:


Now that you have considered your budget, it’s time to lay out all your destination options on the table. Some of you may think that you should decide where you’re going before you decide on a budget, but, if you know how much everyone’s willing to spend beforehand, then you can pick the best destination that’s in line with the budget. Plus, it saves some time in planning because if you know your group’s budget is in line with renting a local beach house for the weekend, then you won’t go booking a presidential suite in some fancy hotel.

3. Create an Itinerary:


Whether you’re going on a local road trip or a vacation to another country, planning your activities ahead of time will make the trip feel more organized for everyone. This makes it easier for everyone to plan their outfits, maybe even easier for the group to allocate their individual budgets to each activity. Of course – to keep the trip interesting – there should be added bouts of spontaneity, but pre-planned activities always add a nice flow to the trip. Creating a playlist may be a bit extreme but it definitely sets the mood for the trip as well.

4. Set Your ‘Gram Goals:


Now for sure, you’d want some awesome pics from your trip. So, here’s what you should do. Create a Pinterest board and add your friends to collab on it with you. Each person should pin the images that would be their ultimate Girls’ Trip Goals. You’d see everyone’s vibe through the photos they choose, and it would be kind of cool to recreate some of them for your trip!

5. Enjoy It!


After all that planning, sorting and co-ordinating, you definitely deserve to have the most fun and the most enjoyable time! Just leave all your inhibitions at home and indulge in every aspect of the trip! Don’t even think twice about letting your hair down! You’re with your best friends! They’ve got your back!


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