Top 10 Outdoor Adventures


In no particular order here’s a list of Road Trip TT’s Top 10 Favourite Outdoor Adventures!


1. Snorkelling- Swim among the fishes and coral reefs in clear blue waters.

2. Ziplining- Absorb the aerial views and experience the thrill of zipping on cable lines over 80 feet in the air!

3. Jet Skiing- Skim across the waters at full throttle and explore the ocean!

4. Rock Climbing- See you at the top! Show your determination by ascending natural rock walls one hand and foot at a time.

5. ATV Riding- It’s all about mud, sweat and gears! Drive an all-terrain vehicle along exciting dirt trails!

6. Rappelling- Bounce off as you make your descent along the side of a cliff!

7. Hiking- Enjoy walks along scenic coastlines or forested trails to experience waterfalls, rivers, mud volcanoes and more!

8. Archery- Ready… Take aim… Breathe… Fire… Bullseye… Repeat!

9. Camping- Erect your tent, build a bonfire and roast marshmallows as you prepare to sleep under the stars!

10. Kayaking- Paddle your way across tranquil waters with scenic views around you.

Bonus- Mountain Biking- Ride through rugged trails and become a master on two wheels!

What are some of your favourite outdoor adventure activities?


Of course all of these activities can be done with Road Trip TT!


Check out the event section of our website for more!


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