Climber on!


On Sunday 9th July Road Trip TT took a group of adventure lovers on a triple adrenaline Rock Climbing, Rappelling and Hiking adventure.


We began with a 40 minute walk into Point Gourde making pit stops along the way to identify some of the fauna that lined the trail. While on the trail a few groups of fishermen passed us returning from the coast with their early morning catch.


When we got to our first stop it was clear that everyone was examining the rugged, limestone rock wall wondering how they could possibly climb it. While the instructors got the ropes in place persons explored a small cave in the wall, well ones that were not petrified by the possible bats living in the cave.


When we were all set and everyone was briefed, the question then came, “Who’s going first?” Usually it takes a few seconds to hear the ‘I’s’ but with adrenaline and excitement buzzing, one of the patrons wasted no time to offer himself as tribute. Cheers filled the forested area as he was clipped to the ropes. Shouting, “Climber on!” he began his ascent.


Everyone’s eyes were glued to him, making mental notes of the path he took since he made it look so easy. With his hands stretched searching for the next best grip and feet making sure they were placed in crevices that will support him, he made his way to the summit. After reaching the top he shouted, “Climber off!” There were double the amount of cheers as he got ready to rappel which again he made seem very simple.


The rush for second and the positions thereafter was definitely not as forthcoming as the first. Some hugged the rock to develop a bond, some sat and pondered while others negotiated for climbing positions. Each climber was guided by what appeared to be the ultimate support group, advising where to place your hands and feet, reminders of the climbing technique and need to keep pushing until you reached the top. One even compared the activity to childbirth given the amount of times the word “PUSH” was used.


With everyone giving “BIRTH” to their new form of bravery, excitement grew to rappel the 75ft wall at our second location. We trekked up a slight incline through the trees to reach the cliff that will soon send adrenaline levels skyrocketing. The cliff offered a great view of the harbour, a perfect spot to indulge in a few selfies.


One patron, to avoid being phased by anyone’s struggle or triumph, ensured she was first to descend the towering cliff. The swinging of the body off the rock face and trusting the ropes was the biggest and for some the only challenge in getting to the ground. After the first try the thrill seekers rappelled multiple times until their thirst for excitement was quenched. It was definitely a fantastic day!


Road Trip TT is the ultimate outdoor adventure provider. We can satisfy your love for thrills and adrenaline an adrenaline rush. Step away from your everyday routine and join us on our next adventure!



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