Top 10 Tobago Beaches


Our Sister Isle, Tobago is known for her Sun, Sea and Sand! Here is a list of our Top 10 Beaches to visit in Tobago in no particular order, each with its own unique characteristics.

1. No Man’s Land


In the far South of the Caribbean Sea lies a stretch of uninhabited and exquisite sandy beach lapped by the most kaleidoscopic waters you will ever see. Located near the Bon Accord Lagoon is the picturesque beach called No Man’s Land.


No Man’s Land isn’t an island, rather a spit of white coral-sand stretching out in front of the lagoon. The spit which is surrounded by clear shallow water and speckled with leafy trees and small forest growth gives it a deserted island feel. No Man’s land is known for being a popular spot for beach BBQ’s and Glass Bottom Boat limes.

2. Pirates Bay


Pirates Bay which is also called Little Italy is one of Tobago’s most stunning and unspoilt bays. From Charlotteville’s eastern tip, a half-mile long, coastline-hugging dirt road brings you to a 157-step descent to the beach.


Named after the shelter that it provided to marauding buccaneers three centuries ago, this charming and isolated bay and beach is the archetypical deserted island beach and was used extensively in the original Robinson Crusoe filmed in 1952. Golden white sand surrounds this bay while the picturesque greenery engulfs the land.

3. Pigeon Point Beach


This is probably Tobago’s most famous beach and is just a few minutes from ANR Robinson International Airport. Protected by the Buccoo Reef, the calm waters make it ideal for safe swimming and snorkelling. The distinctive cabana at the end of the jetty is infamous and has become an internationally recognised signature theme for Tobago.


The beach scores high for accessibility, cleanliness, amenities, safety, and clear shallow water. Pigeon Point also boasts of having stunningly beautiful coral sand. The shape and scope of the beach means that even when it’s crowded, you often feel you still have some space and privacy.

4. Mt. Irving Bay


Also known as Little Courland Bay, the ½-mile (800m) long beach is made up of a pair of beaches offering excellent facilities and some of the island’s best snorkelling. Mt. Irvine Bay is also a popular water sports and snorkelling spot. Coral, sponge and reef fish species can be found abound here. Snorkelling gear, canoes and hobie cats can be rented onsite.

5. Batteaux Bay


Batteaux Bay, described as one of Tobago’s best kept secrets, is located on the North East coast. The beach is accessed through the privately owned Blue Waters Inn. A few miles off shore one can spot the islands Little Tobago and Goat Island. The bay is filled with dive sites of shimmering coral reefs perfect for snorkelers and divers.

6. Englishman’s Bay


One of the most photographed of Tobago’s beaches, Englishman’s Bay is secluded and is nestled between the villages of Castara and Parlatuvier on Tobago’s North Coast. This spectacular ½-mile (800m) beach with powdery light sand and turquoise water was ranked as one of the best Caribbean beaches by the Telegraph Newspaper and The Travel Channel. The calm water of this sheltered bay also makes it decent for snorkelling.

7. Castara Bay


Castara is a quiet serene fishing village is situated in an area which includes a cove surrounded by sheltering mountains, protecting a lovely beach with beautiful turquoise water located on the north-western side of Tobago. From Mt. Dillon lookout just a few minutes away from the village the picturesque bay can be seen in all its glory. The bay is long, with golden sand and a few shady spots to keep you cool. It is great for swimming as the sea is calm and clear, there are also lifeguards on duty to look out for you. There are also several village restaurants where you can get various types of meals including the fisherman’s catch of the day.

8. Kings Bay Beach


Ideal for swimming in its cool waters, King’s Bay is surrounded by the lush green hills of the North East Coast, offering a visually stunning spot for enjoying the waters. This crescent-shaped beach beckon guests to jump into its vivid waters. The beach also has restroom, lifeguard facilities and a beach bar.

9. Store Bay


Store Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Tobago. It is always buzzing with excitement. There are many local shops selling food, drinks and craft and it is only a three minute walk from the ANR Airport. The Bay’s crystal blue water and small waves is perfect for swimming.

10. Parlatouvier Bay


A tranquil golden sand beach about 500 metres long, with a jetty about 200 meters long. It is partly sheltered, so the water is quite calm with small lapping waves. Entering Parlatuvier Bay, the river meets the sea so you can also bathe at the river mouth. It is a fishing village so small fishing boats line the shore. The blue-green waters of this picturesque destination are inviting for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

What are some of your favourite beaches in Tobago?


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