We Outsiiiide


We Outsiiiiiideeeeeeee!!!! And doesn’t it feel so good. For all the nature seekers, beach sunbathers and outdoor enthusiasts out there (myself included), you guys know how great it feels to be out doing what we love the most.



I don’t think anybody can get us back inside ever again (we hope). Although it doesn’t feel like it to most, we are still in a pandemic, so while we all strive to do our part to protect ourselves, let’s not forget to LIVE and to enjoy the simple things – I think that’s what the pandemic taught us the most – to value life but also the mundane stuff that seem so insignificant ; like feeling the crunch of the savannah grass under your feet, or the yellow, blue and pink blanket of pouis that cover the ground or eating a doubles with slight pepper by the side of the road (I’m not a doubles person by the way but it’s proves my point)  – let’s face it, “Outside Nice”.



With that being said, here are a few things that I’m currently enjoying about being “outside”:


1. Going out for a morning walk or workout


It’s so serene – nothing beats taking a deep breath and feeling the first glimmer of sunshine kiss your face, as your pores rise from the last bit of the fore day morning chill. It’s also a great time to reflect and pray for the day ahead.

2. Dining out with EVERYONE



Now that the un-vaxxed can come out to play, it’s great to enjoy the presence of everyone at the table, laughing and talking over a great meal. Eating is one of my favourite pastimes so, this had to be high up on the list. 

3. Performing on stage 


I would be honest with you, when the pandemic hit, I thought I would never set foot in front of an audience again. I thought all my “bright light” days were over but it was only for a time…well 2 plus years to be exact and it’s great to have the theatres filled again. If you’ve never been to a drama production before, then make it your business to see the talent TnT has to offer, because it’s phenomenal. There are at least 1 I can highly recommend…(wink)

4. All outdoor activities like hiking, working out, cycling, the whole shabang! 


I’m an outdoor person so being cooped up inside didn’t do well for me or my waistline, and somehow zoom workouts just didn’t cut it. Notice I didn’t mention the beach, it’s because I’m not a beach junkie so if I go, it’s for the lime and to get some bake and shark. I can’t stand the sand, it gets everywhere LOL

5. Long drives 



Exploring the south-eastern side of the island with friends, trying roast fish for the very first time, eating watermelon at the side of the road realising that it is SO MUCH cheaper in Manzanilla and thinking that no place in Trinidad is “too far”, especially when it comes to getting your favourite fruit. All this and more can be summed up in two words…Road Trip…so come leh we go!


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